GönderenKonu: Interview before MTV EMAs 2006 TV2 (with English Translation)  (Okunma sayısı 1803 defa)

21 Kasım 2011, 00:35:31
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Part 1

Interviewer: How do you feel about the fact that you will be standing on this stage in a little while?

Lenny: Uhm, it's very exciting, we think, there is a lot of things happening and we are very busy this week. There is interviews, rehearsals and so on. So, we are not really and the rhythm, i guess, for that. But here this Thursday, we are going to be busy and what can I say? Yeah, its exciting, it's exciting, its a big show, it's a lot of people and it's MTV who's running it. Really huge.

Interviewer: How much of a dream come true is this?

Waqas: Well it's… Well it was maybe more of a dream when you were a teenager, i guess. And more of an ambition now. Of course we are very honored that we get to do this, for MTV, and however you look at it, it is a huge thing. And they (MTV) have played a huge role in how artists have been able to share their music, in the form of pictures, i guess, right. But it is still of course a big honor and it's awesome and I have a lot of respect. It will reach a lot of pople so it has a big PR value, but also just being a part of an event this big, that's awesome.

Interviewer: How much does MTV mean to you?

Isam: (laughs) Sorry I'm laughing, its been a tough day today. Well, erhm, like Waqas says It's a big honor to be a part of this, and also the fact that it is in Denmark, it means a lot that MTV invited us, because we have a lot of colleagues that could have been in our place. So, it means a lot, I have to say.

Interviewer: Well in my opinion MTV is like the top of commercialism, your music and your message is not. How does that work?

Lenny: well, it's true what your saying, but that's a turn all of the media has taken, not just MTV. MTV is very much in that direction of the commercialism, how do I put it, in the commercial aspect of it all, of music for example, right. And thats where there are some artsits who come in and show that there are another side to things, and thats where we come in, right. And there is a lot of artists that have something to say and where there is a deeper mening in their songs, so… And it can easily work with MTV. There is no reason why it wouldn't. And that's how we look at it anyway.

Interviewer: But you're going to be up there with other bands that are singing about sex, hot ladies and things like that. How do you feel about that?

Isam: Well, thats how it is. I mean, that is how the world is and there has to be room for everyone and that represents, like Lenny said, society. There are widely different artists and widely different people and that is a reflection of that (society) and if that is commercial or not, again look at how society works. That is how music is. That is how music has always been, a reflection of your environment and how you look at things.

Interviewer: How does that work with your music?

Isam: Well I think it works fine, because we are, like i said, born and raised here in the country and, uhm. It's something that somehow also runs in your veins and it is also expressed in your music, in a way. So, you erhm, you represent society for better or for worse.

Interviewer: Even though it's very commercial?

Waqas: Yeah, yeah, because we're a part of the commercial world too, in a way, and dependent on the media. That's how it is. Of course there will be times when you made a good record and it will sell, but today it takes more than that. It takes the right team, the right recordlabel, the right marketingplan etc, etc. Artists know that far too well. And today there is the internet where a big part of the promotion work goes on. So, you have to keep up with the current time. If you don't you are going to get left behind and we're trying as hard as we can, standing for what we are standing for, to keep up. If it doesn't work out, then maybe we wil try something else, but right now it's going pretty well.

Interviewer: But, will your message on the stage be more "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" then?

Isam: (Laughs)

Waqas: No..(get's interrupted by Lenny and then laughs)

Lenny: We will go and do our thing like we always do. Just because it's MTV and it's a big show and because it's, like you said, commercial, that doesn't change who we are. It is our music that represents who we are as people. So we are going to go out there and do our thing as usual. We look at it as a concert.

Waqas: Yeah.

Lenny: We are going to be playing for 25 min and we are going to play for the audience and we are going to do our own thing. That is why we were invited. To do our thing and not to do something else.

Waqas: That is why we are still rolling, because we are not just saying "We will only go ind one direction". There has to be room for everything. Both the "sex, rock'n'roll, drugs" bands and whatever and the rock artists and the hip-hop artists and the R'n'B artists and people like us who are representing our thing. That's how it's supposed to be. Hopefully it will continue to be that way, so everyone gets the opportunity to express themselves.

Interviewer: But, some people are going to play in the Bella Center and you are going to play here at the town square. Do you feel sort of pushed down to the second best place?

Isam: Erhm, no I don't think so. I have to admit I haven't really looked at who is going to play where and if there is a second best. I just look at it like a big honor just to be a part of it. Of course we are going to be in the Bella Center as well, we a going to be presenting an award and that is exciting in it self I guess. Who is then going to preform in the Bella Center i don't know…

Lenny: I actually think Snoop is going to preform here so i don't think it is delegated that way. I think they actually try to give the audience here, the danish audience, the copenhagen audience, something so that it is not just closed a place where everyone can't get in, where only 3000 people can get in. So I think they tried to even it out so people can get an experience, so we're pretty excited to hit it.

Interviewer: What do you think is the special thing about your music?

Part 2

Isam: Phew, what is special about our music? Well, our music has always, how do I put it, painted a picture of the society we live in. So we see our music as very danish, somehow, and it's very cool that we get the chance to represent that at this event. Because it's also a big thing in itself that the event is held here, i guess. But i will say that it's (their music) a bit about who we are and what we believe in.

Waqas: We are hard to put in a certain box. People find it difficult to figure out what we are "Is it pop, is it Hip-hop, is it folk music, is it opera or what is it exactly.

Isam: Danish top, danish top.

Waqas: We call it danish top. That is what describes us best. At the top of Denmark.

Lenny: Danish, music.

Waqas: Music, yeah.

Interviewer: What is the message in your music really?

Lenny: Well it's like Isam says, it's a picture of what is going on in society, of our everyday life. We see each other as three normal young men, or old men, I don't know.

Isam: Boys.

Lenny: Yeah, boys.

Waqas: Hairy boys.

Lenny: That needs to express themselves and be a part of society and trying to come out with something positive that people can relate to in the way they want to relate to it. We don't think that much about what our message is other than that we express ourselves as individuals. We are also three very different people. So, i guess that is what it's about, to be around each other and listen to each other and respect each others opinions and so on.

Interviewer: What will your message be when you're on the stage?

Waqas: Well mostly just to rock it for the people, especially if it rains, then you have rock it even more. But, no, it's not because we have a certain message to get out there. It's just… Here at home people know Outlandish and when people see us on stage with our liveband, we're here to contibute with some music that people know, I guess. We have a liveband with us called Gypsies, they are amazing live and it is something new to us to have an orchestra that big with us and we have really played a lot of gigs this year to kind of reach a certain level. Where as we used to only use a guitarist and a DJ, so it's something a little unfamiliar to us. We are looking forward to just rocking it out in front of that many people, it's going to be awesome.

Interviewer: You are the only danish band preforming. What message does it send that you are preforming here at the town square and not in the Bella Center where all the rich and beautiful people are?

Isam: (Laughs)

Waqas: (Chuckles) You keep going into that. Well, I can tell you that The killers, keane, muse or whatever their name is and Snoop. That is all big names and they are preforming here as well. And we get 25 minutes, they get 5 minutes I think. So you do the math.

Isam: (Laughs)

Interviewer: How do you feel about the fact that it's going to be out here and not in the Bella Center?

Isam: Well I think it's just great, because it's a party for the people and it's an honor to be a part if that.

Lenny: And besides at a big show like in the Bella Center, there is always things with the camera, and then you have to look here and there, and then you have 5 min and then you have to be in position, and then you have to get off the stage. Here it's going to be more…

Waqas: More relaxed.

Lenny: More relaxed. We get time to do our thing and express ourselves, so it's going to be…

Isam: I also think we just have to be a bit grateful to be a part of this, because if we are going to split it up into:

Outlandish: (In childish voices) "I wanted to preform in the Bella Center."

Waqas: "Then P. Diddy could have seen me." and whatever. I mean, come on. We are from Denmark, so we are just going to go up there and rock it. That's it.

Interviewer: Where the danes are?

Waqas: That's how it is.


Interviewer: Is this a boyhood dream that's coming true?

Isam: Yeah, you could say that, because it's a big thing from our side of the industry and craftsmanship and to be able to present that on this big of a scale is not something that happens everyday. So absolutely.

Interviewer: Was that the kind of thing you were dreaming about in your boyhood bedrooms in the old days?

Lenny: I guess it was a part of it, the thing with getting your music out there. It's like the first time you hear your song on the radio it was a cool experience.

Waqas: Of course it was!

Lenny: Yeah, yeah.

Waqas. Of course we wanted to be on MTV!

Lenny: Yeah, yeah. Of course the first time you saw your video on MTV. I just think that after this many years in this industry, when there's a big show and all this chaos and so much stuff to do, you don't really think about it. But i think when it's over i'm going to look back and think: "Wow, that was really huge."

Waqas: I guess you could say we are more focused on doing a good job and when you then look in the rearviewmirror that's when you are going to realize. "Wow, I was a part of this too." And that is when you get time to think about it. Right now we're just very focused on getting it done right.

Isam: I think we have just learned to enjoy the moment, you know this moment and share it with the people. As where before we were very nerveus and not really ourselves. So now we are more relaxed ant taking it more laid back. I also wan't to apologize if we are a little too laid back. It's not because we experience this everyday, absolutely not. We just have a more relaxed approach.

Interviewer: Are you nerveus?

Isam: No, like I said, not yet. But I think we will be before we enter the stage.

Lenny and Waqas: Neeh

Waqas: Excited.

Lenny: Yeah.

Waqas: With butterflies in your stomach, tiny ones. But, again, there are a lot of people involved so there are a lot of things to keep track of.

Lenny: But we are looking forward to it a lot. it's going to be an amazing experience, so…

Waqas: But I think right before we hit the stage we are going to feel a little rush in our stomachs.

Lenny: Isam is going to become nerveus. He's very… He's not used to it.

Waqas: Yeah.

Interviewer: Søren I think… I think if you wan't it to be under three minutes we have enough stuff.
How do you think the weather is going to be?

Lenny: I hope it it will be…

Waqas: I think it will be okay. It will clear up. Right before we hit the stage it will clear up. It's happened before. It's been raining cats and dogs at some festival and right when our song started it's all sunshine.

Interviewer: So you just are "the sunshine of peoples lives".

Waqas: Sunshine ray.
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Waqas: (Chuckles) You keep going into that. Well, I can tell you that The killers, keane, muse or whatever their name is and Snoop. That is all big names and they are preforming here as well. And we get 25 minutes, they get 5 minutes I think. So you do the math.

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Waqas: With butterflies in your stomach, tiny ones. But, again, there are a lot of people involved so there are a lot of things to keep track of.

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